Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD)/Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS)

For some of us, we may witness our pet age at a seemingly faster rate and dismiss it as just a part of life.  But there is much research in recent years that, just like people, dogs can become senile and experience signs similar to Alzheimer's.

The common reports that come from our concerned clients about their dogs usually involve urine/fecal accidents in the house, random vocalizing especially at night, pacing and signs similar to hearing loss.

The good news with all the research is there are more treatment options available. Depending on what works for your dog, the doctors at Piney Creek Square Integrative Veterinary Medicine can make recommendations with regard to medications, diet, and/or supplements.

Please call to schedule a geriatric exam and we will address your dog's needs and provide options for the best quality of life possible for your pet.

Additional information regarding this condition can be found at the following links: