Herbal Medicine for Your Pet

The use of Chinese medicine and herbal prescriptions dates back to the year 403 B.C.E. and has continued to progress and develop through present time. Chinese herbs can be used to treat many diseases recognized and treatable by conventional medicine and many that are not, from trauma to tumors.

The use of herbs can be used as part of an integrative approach with other systems of medicine for a greater therapeutic effect and improved treatment outcomes. Chinese herbs are especially useful in the treatment of chronic disease conditions and those associated with aging such as chronic osteoarthritis, immune, renal and hepatic disorders.

They can be also be used to strengthen the body after illness, injury, chemotherapy or radiation or support the immune system to help prevent disease before it occurs. When there are drug sensitivities or conditions that would prevent the use of other types of therapies, Chinese herbs are available for a myriad of conditions.

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