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"In 2001 a very special little kitten came to stay at our house named Emma. She weighed in at a whopping 2 ½ pounds. When she was about 9 months old she began vomiting and wouldn’t eat. The doctors at Piney Creek Square Veterinary Clinic took x-rays, but nothing showed up on them. She was losing weight, and she was thin by nature anyway, so everyone was worried about her. Dr. Behrns came to the rescue and performed emergency surgery on our little girl. She found an almond trying to pass into Emma’s stomach. Of course, it would not have shown up on an x-ray. Thank you, Dr. Behrns, for saving Emma’s life."

-Margo K.

"Piney Creek Square is the only Veterinarian I will take my animals to. They are professional, kind, caring staff who take the time to answer all questions and explain everything to you. I had a cocker spaniel that the Referal Center told me would not live. The staff at Piney Creek were creative enough to keep my dog alive, happy and free of pain for an extra 2 years. From puppies and kittens to senior dogs and cats, this is the group you want caring for your animal."

-Nancy R.

"I have been a client of Piney Creek Square Veterinary Clinic since 1996. When we first moved back to Colorado we tried several other clinics and to no avail found sterile, matter of fact care. Piney Creek Square Veterinary Clinic showed us care, compassion and most of all, a home. No matter the issue they always put your pets welfare first. They believe in quality of life, not unnecessary treatments to benefit them. I refer anyone and everyone to Piney Creek Square Veterinary Clinic because they are a true member of our family!"

-Sylvia G.

"When we learned after an annual examination that our 13 year old Siamese, Koji, was showing the early signs of kidney failure, we were understandably depressed. But Dr. Hoffman told us that by changing her diet, by giving her a medication to help her kidneys work better and by administering subcutaneous fluids daily, we could give her a better quality of life and help her live longer. We changed her diet and gave her a pill everyday, and we have been doing the daily “beauty treatments” for over a year. Thanks to Dr. Hoffman and Dr. Dohse."

-Teena C.

"The competent and caring staff at Piney Creek Veterinary Clinic have been treating my animals for over 20 years. Whether a wellness check or a grave emergency, they have always treated my pets and me with genuine concern; always seeking the best possible and most compassionate treatment. It has been one of my greatest joys to be able to trust my animals to the care of this most exceptional group of people."

-Mary S.