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"In 2001 a very special little kitten came to stay at our house named Emma. She weighed in at a whopping 2 ½ pounds. When she was about 9 months old she began vomiting and wouldn’t eat. The doctors at Piney Creek Square Veterinary Clinic took x-rays, but nothing showed up on them. She was losing weight, and she was thin by nature anyway, so everyone was worried about her. Dr. Behrns came to the rescue and performed emergency surgery on our little girl. She found an almond trying to pass into Emma’s stomach. Of course, it would not have shown up on an x-ray. Thank you, Dr. Behrns, for saving Emma’s life."

-Margo K.

Euthanasia and Final Arrangements


When is it time?  Am I doing the right thing?  How does one know how to make this decision? These are questions EVERY pet owner faces, even veterinary professionals. We are here to help you in any way that we can, to answer any questions and we will try to meet any expectations you have surrounding this process. We are even here to share our personal stories of loss and what brought us to the same decision of humane euthanasia for our pets. We are here for you and we are here for your beloved pet.

Additional Euthanasia and Hospice Care Options

Final Arrangements

At Piney Creek Square Integrative Veterinary Medicine, we offer cremation provided by the highly reputable, Pet Cremation Services. It is a good idea to consider if you would like to have your pet’s ashes returned to you or not, or if you are considering handling the burial arrangements yourself. Consulting friends and family may help you to make this decision.  Pet Cremation Services offers a wide selection of decorative urns should you desire to honor your cherished companion in this way.

If you will be burying your pet, please contact the local municipality, where you plan for your pet to be laid to rest, for the requirements.

Pet Loss Help and Support Groups

The following resources provide information and support to families grieving the loss of a pet.