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"In 2001 a very special little kitten came to stay at our house named Emma. She weighed in at a whopping 2 ½ pounds. When she was about 9 months old she began vomiting and wouldn’t eat. The doctors at Piney Creek Square Veterinary Clinic took x-rays, but nothing showed up on them. She was losing weight, and she was thin by nature anyway, so everyone was worried about her. Dr. Behrns came to the rescue and performed emergency surgery on our little girl. She found an almond trying to pass into Emma’s stomach. Of course, it would not have shown up on an x-ray. Thank you, Dr. Behrns, for saving Emma’s life."

-Margo K.

Adopt a Pet

Adopting a pet from a shelter or a rescue group is one of the most rewarding experiences anyone can have.  Walking out of the shelter or rescue with a new pet in tow is so profound because, after all, a life was just saved.  The adoption fees are minimal at animal shelters and rescues compared to what breeders charge for their pets and the money is recirculated to help other pets in need. And, to the surprise of many, there are many purebreds as well as mixes at the shelters.  Give these organizations a shot first when considering adding a new furry family member.

  • All Breed Rescue Network, Inc. provides a vehicle for the fostering and rehoming of abandoned purebred dogs.
  • Aurora Animal Care Division/Aurora Animal Shelter serves as Aurora’s animal control division as well as an adoption shelter.
  • Big Dogs Huge Paws was founded on the core philosophy is that every “BIG” dog deserves a chance.
  • Cat Care Society operates a limited admission cage-free shelter for homeless and abused cats.
  • Denver Animal Shelter is home to more than 100 lost and adoptable puppies, kittens, dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, reptiles and other small animals.
  • Denver Dumb Friends League Founded in 1910;  is a leader in providing humane care to companion animals-sheltering lost and relinquished pets, adopting pets to new homes, investigating animal cruelty, reducing pet overpopulation, and educating the public about animals and their needs.
  • Foothills Animal Shelter is an open-admissions facility (never turning away an animal) and one of the largest animal shelters in the metro Denver area – taking in nearly 10,000 animals each year.
  • Good Samaritan Pet Center provides a “shelter alternative” for homeless animals through a network of foster parents who care for these animals until a permanent home can be found.
  • Humane Society of Boulder Valley provides shelter and care to more than 9,000 animals each year, with 92 percent of these animals being successfully adopted or reunited with their guardians, due to their behavior modification program.
  • MaxFund Adoption is a no-kill animal shelter and adoption center in Denver.
  • National Mill Dog Rescue rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes discarded breeding dogs and to educates the general public about the cruel realities of the commercial dog breeding industry.
  • Petango is your place to… Find.. Adopt.. Shop.. Talk.. Live.. Pets!
  • Petfinder.com is an online, searchable database of animals that need homes. It is also a directory of more than 13,000 animal shelters and adoption organizations across the U.S., Canada and Mexico.
  • Senior Dogs Project is devoted to finding homes for older dogs.
  • Shelter Pet Project is a public service ad campaign focused on spreading the word that pets in shelters are wonderful and lovable.