Dental Care for Your Pet

Why do dogs and cats need regular dental care? To keep them healthy, of course! You see the dentist for a cleaning every six months and most pets require a cleaning at least once a year. If you keep your pet’s teeth and gums clean and healthy, he/she will be less likely to have serious problems such as tooth loss or bacterial infection later on.

At Piney Creek Square Integrative Veterinary Medicine, we use the latest innovations in veterinary dental care such as ultrasonic cleaning and digital dental radiographs to give your furry family member a healthy smile – and to keep the stinky dog breath out of yours.

Additionally, Dr. Kate Dohse has received advanced training in extraction techniques and the latest periodontal treatments to minimize pain and time required under anesthesia. We even have a wide array of home dental care products to keep their mouth healthy in between cleanings.

Our Animal Dentistry services include:

  • State of the art veterinary dental unit and ultrasonic scaler
  • Preventive dental care including dental cleaning and polishing
  • Tooth extractions and oral surgery
  • Digital Dental x-rays